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All I've been able to say since my feet touched back down is "WOW"!!! That was absolutely amazing and you guys were great!!!…
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Video & Photo Packages

Without visual proof, it's like it never happened!

The Camera Flyers at Skydive Sacramento are some of the best in the industry, very enthusiastic, super friendly and highly skilled. It is their goal to make sure that you are The STAR of your movie, and that you'll be very proud to show it off to all your friends, proving that YOU are the coolest person they know!!

All photo and video production will be done digitally, from image capture, through computer editing, to final DVD production, to insure a print or broadcast quality output.

Choose either one or both of the following options:

Still Photos - 30+ digitally captured, 10+ mega-pixal still photos on a CD or DVD. All images are very high quality and yours to keep and use for any non-commercial use. Make a poster for your wall and a mug for your Mom!

DVD - A personalized digital video on DVD, professionally edited with custom titles, transitions and seamless slo-mo time effects, set to royalty-free music. All our Camera Flyers use the latest digital video technology which is computer edited for you personally and is usually available to pick up well within an hour of your jump. If you prefer, we can put your raw video on your thumb drive to take home and to edit yourself. What does that mean to you? Your skydiving experience will be captured with brilliant color and amazing clarity. No other Northern California skydiving center can promise you broadcast quality standard on every skydiving video!

For DVD Video and Still Photo pricing click here. 

What will my video consist of?

  • Pre-jump interview
  • Boarding the plane
  • The aircraft ride
  • Exit, freefall, & parachute deployment
  • Parachute landing
  • Post jump interview 


Capture your skydive memories at Skydive Sacramento. You'll never make another "first skydive"!