Freefly Coaching

Vertical flying, or Freefly, is an increased speed freefall performed on all axis- not just the standard “belly to earth” orientation. Flight becomes possible in a seated position, and even upside down, or head-down. Being able to fly on all axis really opens up the sport and the possibilities for increased amounts of fun, but because of the increased speeds it also increases the consequences of collisions and mistakes in freefall. Because of this, we strongly recommend getting coaching at a very early stage to help increase awareness and skill.

Here at Skydive Sacramento, we have two experienced coaches that are available to help you advance in the area of freefly. All skill levels are welcome, but it is recommended to make at least 40-50 “belly” jumps before attempting freefly positions. This is because the increased speeds bring the ground up a lot faster than standard RW, and it can throw off the timing of a jump for a novice. Also, the neutral position for freefly is back-fly, which turns your visuals upside down and takes the ground out of your immediate sight which can also be dangerous for the beginner and novice skydiver.

If you are interested in learning to freefly, please contact:


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The coaches at Skydive Sacramento were very informative and really helped me to advance in my freefly skills…