Skydiving FAQ’s

Is there an age limit?
YES! You must to be 18 or older. For you eternal teenagers, there is no upper age limit. We do request a doctor’s note if you are over 70. (call us and ask on this one if you have further questions).

How much will it cost?
Look under Pricing for more information. Unless otherwise stated all prices are per person per skydive, and include tax.

Does the price of video/photos cover everyone in the group?
No, video and or photography will need to be purchased for each person who wants it. The camera man may be able to get some nice pictures and video of you and all your friends on the ground, but in free fall each skydive requires it’s own cameraman.

Are there any additional fees?
Are you referring to Re-Scheduling or Bad Weather Insurance, Airport Fee(s), Homeland Security Tax. The answer is NO! There are no additional fees.

What if it rains, what happens then?
If we are not able to jump because of weather, we can reschedule your jump for another day of your choosing.

Do your prices cover “Everything”?
We hear this a lot. “Everything” is a pretty all encompassing word. So you are still responsible for those usual day to day expenses, but our prices cover all the skydiving related expenses, unless other wise stated, Also see Questions 2 and 4.

Should I tip my Instructor?
Tipping is appreciated by the instructors, but that is totally up to you.

Do I need a reservation?
Reservations are strongly recommended in order for us to provide you with the best customer service. People without reservations will be accepted on a space available basis.

How long will this take?
For a tandem skydive, we ask that you allow at least 4 hours for your adventure.

Do you have gift certificates?
Yes. Gift certificates available upon request.

How experienced are your instructors?
All of our instructors are USPA rated instructors, most of whom have over 2,000 skydives.

Can we all go in the same plane?
We will try, as much as possible, to keep your group together. However, groups more than 3 will most likely be split.

Is there a weight limit?
The tandem passenger weight limit is 225lbs (102kg). Each individual instructor can waive that up to 235 pounds at their discretion.

What is the reason for the weight limit?
The gear is rated to a maximum amount allowable on each jump. This weight includes you, the gear you wear, the instructor and the gear they wear.

Do I need to bring anything?
You need to bring valid ID just like you would at any airport. Other than that, you will be provided with everything necessary to make your jump. If you wear glasses, you might want to think about a sports retainer for them, although we have goggles to fit over them.

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothing. Avoid high platform shoes, hiking boots, and open toes shoes such as sandals. Tennis shoes are the best.

Can I bring my own camera while skydiving?
No. The cameras used in skydiving are bolted to the cameraman’s helmet. Holding onto a camera during free fall just really isn’t an option.

Should I eat?
Yes, please do…otherwise you’ll be hungry! Seriously, eat something light, you’ll enjoy yourself more.

Can my family and friends watch?
This wouldn’t be much fun if you did it alone, so by all means, bring as many people to watch you as you’d like. But please remember, this is an airport and the equipment is expensive…small children will need to be watched, and pets are better left at home.

Can I bring beer?
You cannot drink before skydiving. We strictly adhere to FAA regulations for safety reasons. Alcohol is not allowed on the premises during jump operations, and drugs are not allowed on our facility period. However, after we are done for the day, you are welcome to stick around and have a cold one with us!

Is there lodging available?
There are several nearby, one within just 3 miles. We can offer you some options, and make recommendations. Call us at 916.434.7700 to get a “Skydiver Rate” at the nearest hotel right here in Lincoln.

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